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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has stopped development and support for its NAS Performance Toolkit (NASPT), an application that measures the performance of small network-attached storage systems. But the software will be in existence since Chipzilla has released the source code for the tool. According to Intel, the NASPT didn’t have the capacity of test storage devices under application loads, which is why the tool couldn’t be used to do any kind of serious testing an enterprise-scale NAS.

Even so, the software was useful for tests of NAS boxen intended for use in smaller-scale environments, mainly due to its inclusion of tests for performance when used to open and close files from personal productivity applications. Simulating backup was also a huge plus point along with testing a NAS’ abilities to cope with video playback and recording.

These features were a hit with system administrators and that is why this free software became an integral part of their tool bags when planning and implementing small business rigs in which a NAS device substituted for and/or supplemented a server. Small NAS systems, nowadays often incorporated with four or more drives and gigabit Ethernet, suit this role aptly. Even system builders using open source tools like FreeNAS or Openfiler utilized the NASPT test their newly-built storage appliances and hardware reviewers also praised it highly.

The exact period that Intel chose to discontinue the software is not known, because a document.lastModified query on many Intel.com pages often returns the day of the query as the answer. The same company renewed its push for Atom-powered NAS appliances aimed at small business.

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