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Apple’s app store earns more revenue than Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play as the former operates on a larger scale. Apple remains at the top, earning 350% more revenue than Google Play, and growing more in absolute dollar figures than the upstart Android store. However, Google’s app store revenue shot up 200% in the last quarter of 2012, whereas Apple’s app store experienced a rise of only 20%. These figures clearly indicate that the rate of growth has slowed down for Apple and seems sure to be surpassed in 2013 or early 2014.

App Annie’s VP of marketing, Ollie Lo commented that Google Play has certainly struck a chord with the audience with the growth being much more than organic; it is meteoric in regions likeKoreaandJapan. App Annie’s app store index is based on aggregate data from its app analytics offering. Around 80% of the top iOS publishers by revenue use App Annie and 180,000 apps in total have installed the solution, making data measurement extremely accurate.

Apple broke records in terms of revenue in December, with a 33% month-over-month gain from November to December. Monthly revenues of Apple didn’t really double from January to December, but Google Play monthly revenues exploded almost 700% January to December.

While Apple is the number one publisher by downloads on the iOS app store, Google is a close second, with 27 apps available for Apple’s mobile platform. Apple’s app store features game publishers like EA, Facebook, Rovio, and Disney, while Google has Rovio, Facebook, and Microsoft. Google Play is likely to become the most valuable app in the world soon due to Android capturing 70% global market share and Samsung shipping almost 400 million phones in 2012.

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