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About two weeks after the launch of Research In Motion Ltd(NASDAQ:BBRY)’s new operating system and two new zippy smartphones, it’s time to take a reality on what is happening to the company and whether it is going to make a smart comeback.

On the surface everything seems and as the company has been professing, it has had the best launch of its devices so far in its history.

Whether due to short-supply or excessive demand, there’s no doubt that people want to buy the Z10 and that it why they are noticing stores are out of stock.

However there are a few niggling factors, which might be obstacles to any dreams of a rapid comeback.

One of them, of course, is that it has delayed the launch of its smartphones in the United States. The U.S. is the biggest market for smartphones and for the company to have ignored it in initial launch phase, smacks of a bad marketing strategy.

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The touchscreen Z10 will be released in the U.S. in March, while the keyboard-enabled Q10 will be available only in the middle of May.

There were also reports that a journalist from New York magazine, who was given a Blackberry Z10 at the launch event, found the phone dying on her after four days. It became the top trending article at that time, creating bad press for the company.

The BB Z10 is being compared to the Samsung Galaxy SIII – but then the SIII is last year’s phone and Samsung is close to launching the Galaxy SIV.

Even the 70,000 apps that Chief Executive Thorsten Heinz has been boasting about are mostly posted from older versions of Android and that could be extremely damaging fir the company if it is not able to get fresher apps.

Also, Blackberry has not given any actual figures regarding the sales of the smartphone in Canada and the United Kingdom, beyond saying that it is successful.

These are some areas that the company needs to address and quickly, if it wants to climb to the third position in the smartphone segment.

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