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Shares of Research In Motion Ltd(NASDAQ:BBRY) have been under panic mode as the stock continued to slide for the fifth session on Thursday. The stock is gapped down by 6% on heavy volume, extending its weekly loss to about 21% (since last Friday).

The company’s recent launch of Blacberry Z10 have been gathering mixed reviews from analysts despite the solid debut in U.K and Canadian markets. In just few days, Z10 went out of the stock and the company reported its best ever debut of any smartphones.

This morning, accoriding to a SEC filing, the company’s former CEO Jim Balsillie has no holding on the company’s shares. Just a year ago, he had 26,840,490 shares.  Balsillie stepped down from the board of the company, then called Research In Motion, last March. He and former co-CEO Mike Lazaridis were replaced in the top job by Thorsten Heins last January.

The stock had solid pop up in the month of January and soared all the way from $11.72 to its new 52-week high of $18.32 in just three-week. Then the stock pulled back to $13 just following the launch of Z10.

However, the pullback was short lived and the stock recovered back to $17.22 by Feb 8, 2013. However, after that rally, several analysts started questioning about the company’s potential and said that the company’s Z10 is not a proper solution for the turn around.

Yesterday, couple of analysts raised questions about the company’s potential.  Another analyst from Wedge Partners said that , that network carriers in the United States are not optimistic about selling large numbers of the Research In Motion Ltd(NASDAQ:BBRY)’s Blackberry Z10.

But, considering the initial success, its pre mature to comment anything bad about the company’s success as the company has witnessed solid initial demand. Soon the company would see the launch in U.S. which could be the next trigger for analysts as well investors.

Moreover, the company is scheduled to launch Z10 in India on February 25.

Keep your eyes on BBRY before any clear trend as the stock has now fallen back below 50-Day Moving Average of $14.29.

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12 Responses to “Research In Motion Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) Extends Slump, Falls Over 20% In A Week”

  1. Anas Zeineddine February 14, 2013

    rally is over and bottoming out, a resurgence will soon approach.

  2. The Z10 is an outstanding product. It is mind blowing to hear the so called analysts talking about the company without having even held or used the new Operating System. Blackberry has a winner and swings in stock are laughable since the market seems to react to silly news i.e Home Depot going with Apple. Clearly a political move. And really with 70 million ++ users how does 10K signal anything to anyone is mindboggling.

    I had an Iphone 5 and once I tried the Z10 there was no comparison.
    Blackberry is a true Tool that is easy to use with many new innovative features.
    Blackberry is back and once the true sales stats are out in India, USA etc. investors will understand that Blackberry is truly a brand new company.

  3. the Z10 is selling like crazy, and is sold out in many places. How much better news can a company hope for with a new product launch?

    an excellent time to buy, then, while people are selling over nothing for the past week.

    • lol ur funny Ananas the london drugs in saskatoon in there first shipments of the z10 they only got 2 handsets lol ha haa but they sold one of them so does that mean holy london drugs sold 50% of all there z10′s in the first few days after shipment.oh wow blackberry is doing so good sheesh.

      • Im not sure if your lack of punctuation is intentional, but I can barely make out what you’re saying. If your trying to say that sales figures reporting is being skued because, as an example, London Drugs (The obvious go-to spot for all your mobile needs) only recieved 2 handsets?

      • @Dave…… Are you and/or were you drunk while you posted this comment? You make no sense.

  4. can you please stop with the negative rubbish about blackberry? two thumbs down

  5. Balsillie sold, so people panick. But now is an opportunity to buy considering its below the 50 day average, and well below the 30 day avg. BB looks good from here, despite this short term panick by people who dont understand how to value a stock.

  6. Gotta get rid of all the short sellers. BB will be hitting 30-40 bucks by years end. Once the phone goes to the US, and the Q10 or w/e is released it will gain momentum.

  7. I used an Android (4.1) and I use the new iPad; I’m also using a Z10, and I have to say that is really a pleasure: so reactive and immediate, new innovative and very nice gestures/interface and, finally, a very good and fast browser.

  8. Well I feel very secure with my IPHONE thank you very much. Wait!
    Apple Acknowledges iOS 6.1 Passcode Bug, Fix Coming in Future Software Update – Mac Rumors
    Dave where did you say that bb10 is and could you get them to hold it for me. Thanks