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Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has quietly rolled out AppStore.com vanity URLs for developers. This means that developers will be able to create custom links for their apps on the AppStore.com domain facilitating end-users who’ll be able to remember these links or key them on their devices. Users can type appstore.com/ followed by the name of the app into a browser should direct anyone interested to their choice, or a set of broader search results. This will benefit developers, when they’re publicizing their apps on non-digital media such as radio, television, out of home ad campaigns and print publications.

The vanity URLs made their debut with a TV commercial for the upcoming film, Star Trek: Into Darkness, during the Super Bowl. The commercial featured the vanity URL-appstore.com/StarTrekApp. Tapping this into your browser of choice either shows you the app, or requests to open iTunes.

A check of Apple’s technical documentation related to the App Store shows this new option came into effect on January 31, and can be used for both the iOS App Store as well as the Mac App Store.

Using iTunes.com instead of appstore.com before the app name works in the same way, but don’t add www. to your search, as the www.appstore.com domain links to apple.com and won’t return any results, no matter what you put after it. For example- If you want to download Angry Birds, all you need to do is type in “AppStore.com/angrybirds” in to your browser and it will take you to the relevant app page in your iTunes app.

iTunes links have existed for some time now, but until Sunday, they were all about a mile long and featured a bazillion characters that were unfathomable. Thankfully, Apple’s decided to launch the “AppStore.com” domain giving much quicker and less complicated access to App Store titles.

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