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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.(NYSE:AMD)is hoping to take on ultrabooks of Intel with a new keyboard docking technology that alters the level of performance of sleek and light hybrid devices when they are used in laptop or tablet modes.

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Corporate VP at AMD, Steve Belt has said that the Turbo Dock Technology of AMD will help in adapting system performance when a hybrid laptop is being used in tablet mode and vice versa. The basic technology behind Turbo Deck turns on the clock speed of a processor when the tablet is connected to the dock. This turns the hybrid device into a high-performing laptop.

There are a number of hybrid devices in the market that become tablets when the screens are detached from a dock. However, the performance of current hybrids in both tablet and laptop modes are the same.

Turbo Dock Technology also cranks up the performance of the hybrid device by up to 40% when the tablet is connected to the dock, as revealed by Belt. The clock speed goes down when the tablet is not attached to the dock. This helps in extending battery life when the hybrid is used in tablet mode.

The docking technology lets users to use both tablet and laptop, without having to compromise with the battery life or performance.

The technology is aimed at Windows Phone 8 hybrids with a number of screen sizes and operating on the company’s new chip that has the code name, Temash. AMD has previewed tablets that operate on Temash at the International CES trade show. The company will probably be showing tablets with the new docking technology at the upcoming Mobile World Congress that is supposed to take place in Barcelona a week from now.

The new technology will supposedly be available to PC manufacturers to use in hybrids although Belt did not reveal complete details on Turbo Deck Technology.

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